Become a patreon of Laura Hospes

Laura Hospes offers patronage: a continuous form of crowdfunding whereby individuals donate a in certain tier in exchange for a reward. Besides serving as a monthly material budget, the patronage system provides a motivation to keep creating and sharing work, even though experiments sometimes fail. Additionally, the book that she creates every four months, forces her to reflect on her work at least three times a year. LANGart is a Patreon of Laura Hospes and we highly recommend you to become one too! It is a great way to fully understand Laura’s practice and to play an active and necessary role in her practice.
Starting at $3/month, one gets access to a private, digital studio on Instagram and At $25/month, one will receive a book, handmade by the artist, that reflects her development of the previous 4 months. At $100/month, one receives two books and in addition: once per year an invitation for a private exhibition in her studio.
Patrons can sign up pay per month (via or per year (on invoice, contact:
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