Royal Award for Modern Painting

Julius Stibbe

Photo credits: Jeroen van der Meyde / Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam

LANGart would like to congratulate Julius Stibbe on his second nomination for The Royal Award for Modern Painting 2023.
“The Royal Award for Modern Painting is an incentive award that was created to encourage talented young painters who are active in the Netherlands in their artistic development. The Award was instituted in 1871 by HM King William III. After King William III it was continued by Queen Emma, Queen Wilhelmina, Queen Juliana and Queen Beatrix. They turned this into a true royal tradition. King Willem- Alexander has continued this tradition by presenting the Award in the Royal Palace Amsterdam.” The works of all nominees are on display in the Royal Palace Amsterdam till 7 November, 2023.
The two paintings with which Julius Stibbe entered the Award procedure were created during his Livingstone Gallery residency in Berlin.
New works by Julius Stibbe will be on view at Art Verona from 13 October – 15 October, 2023. Julius Stibbe is working on his next solo exhibition in the gallery which will open 2 March, 2024. For more information about Julius Stibbe click here.
We are very proud of all Julius Stibbe has accomplished so far and look forward to our continuous collaboration.